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UCL academic awarded Research Prize in Royal Statistical Society 2019 Honours list

13 February 2019

Dr Tengyao Wang (UCL Statistics) won the Research Prize for his innovative work in high-dimensional statistics, which can have applications ranging from medical imaging to network security monitoring.

Dr Tengyao Wang

The Royal Statistical Society (RSS) Research Prize is awarded to a Fellow of the Society near the beginning of their research career for an outstanding published contribution to statistical theory or application.

Dr Wang was commended for his work on providing a new understanding to computational and statistical trade-offs; developing theory for multi-dimensional shape constrained estimators; and introducing a new paradigm and method for detecting changes in high-dimensional data streams.

The RSS is one of the world's most distinguished and renowned statistical societies. Founded in 1834, the RSS is a British learned society for statistics, a professional body for statisticians, and a charity that promotes statistics for the public good.

Dr Wang said, "I am really excited to receive this award. I hope that my pursuit of theoretical and methodological statistics can provide a more solid foundation to statistical methods as they get increasingly applied to every facet of our lives."

“My work in the area of high-dimensional statistics involves identifying the most relevant features from a large number. For example, in situations where we simultaneously monitor many data streams over time, my work can be applied to identify structural changes localised in a small number of these data streams. This work, known as high-dimensional change point estimation, has applications ranging from medical imaging to network security monitoring.”

RSS’ President Professor Deborah Ashby commented: “This year’s winners are all outstanding statisticians of different ages from around the world truly reflecting the Society’s very diverse membership.”

Dr Wang will collect his award this September at RSS’s annual conference in Belfast.