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UCL Year Planner Launched

12 September 2018

As part of the TOPS Programme, we have developed a high level UCL Year Planner to improve visibility of core professional service activities and timelines across the university.


From your feedback to the TOPS Programme, we know that UCL colleagues receive numerous activity requests from professional service staff and the Vice Provost Offices throughout the year. Sometimes these requests have short deadlines and/or conflict with other work that you have scheduled.

The UCL Year Planner gives an overarching view of deadlines for key tasks and activities required by central professional services and VP Offices in the forthcoming academic year, allowing you to better plan your work schedules and activities.

We have focused on keeping the information at a high level which is easy to access through a searchable online tool that is easy to filter. You can search for activities that are relevant to you and your team using the 'audience' checklist.

The Year Planner is not intended to provide an exhaustive list of all activities that take place across UCL, specific areas e.g. Student and Registry Services have more detailed Planners that focus on their specific area of activity.