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Alumni Advice: getting the most out of Freshers' Week

27 September 2018

Freshers' Week: an exciting opportunity or a daunting prospect? If you're feeling nervous, read on for advice from UCL alumni, who've shared their experiences and tips to help you get the most out of Freshers' Week:

Alumni Advice: getting the most out of Freshers' Week

Laurien Carter, BA Geography 1980

Mix with people in your halls and department, go to as many events as possible, and say hello to anyone you meet - they will be as nervous as you are!

Evan DeFrancesco, MA Linguistics 2017

I was an international student. While it could have been easy to only associate with people from my home country, I made a strong effort to seek out people from elsewhere. UCL's a great place to meet people from all around the world.

Jonathan, BA Archaeology 2007

Try to get to know people on your course as well as in your halls - it can really help to have a few different groups of folks to hang out with. One of the best ways to get to know people I found was to go and do some random London tourist activities - getting lost (within reason) and finding your way around the city together and stumbling across a landmark you may have only seen pictures of was awesome!

Lucy Alker, MSci Chemistry 2014

Don't be too nervous and make the most of it! I wasn't living in halls during Freshers' Week so I thought I wouldn't get the opportunity to do some of the things that others would. But Freshers' Week is really what you make of it - talk to lots of people, try some new things and get to know the campus before the hard work kicks in.

Jamie Mesrobian, MA Public Archaeology 2010
The best decision I made during Freshers' Week was to go to the Freshers' Fair. I got to meet people, got lots of free stuff, and was able to explore all the societies.

Heda Agic, MSci Palaeobiology 2011

Definitely visit the Freshers' Fair - it is a fantastic place to find people with similar interests, as well as to discover new interests and exciting events. Try out clubs and societies even if you think they're not exactly right for you; you may learn something new and get a set of diverse experiences which will enrich your stay at UCL and in London. Say yes to all opportunities that give you the chance to explore London. It was really helpful to get to know the place right away, rather than later in the term when in the midst of a lot of work.

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