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Initial planning for the Professional Services Hub complete

25 October 2018

Since our last Professional Services Hub staff news article, we have been working closely with the future Professional Services Hub (PS Hub) teams to plan their move to 1 St Martin's Le Grand (1SMLG ) to ensure minimal disruption to the services they deliver.

St Paul's Cathedral

The first tranche of teams will now join the Hub in 1SMLG between February and May 2019. With the ISD Service Desk already located in 1SMLG, the first team moves will be preceded by the launch of the PS Hub in January 2019.We have now finished our initial planning with the teams that will form the first version of the PS Hub, and taking their feedback into account, we have adjusted the original move dates to ensure a smooth transition and to minimise any risks to service delivery.

All future PS Hub team members have been invited to visit the 1SMLG offices, and the majority have already taken up this opportunity.

Last month Vicki Mackintosh joined UCL as our new Professional Services Hub Director. Vicki has begun meeting the Tranche 1 teams and members of the wider UCL community, and will be looking for opportunities to involve staff in the development of the PS Hub.

Further information

There's more information on the PS Hub online, including our recently updated frequently asked questions. If you have any questions about the PS Hub that aren't covered in the FAQs, please email the TOPS programme.

What is the Professional Services Hub? 

The Professional Services Hub (PS Hub) will co-locate experienced professionals delivering a range of services across HR, Finance, ISD, Estates, and Student Registry Services in 1 St Martin's Le Grand, near St. Paul's Cathedral.

By bringing together teams who need to work closely with each other in a single location, the PS Hub will improve processes and systems, leading to better service quality.

The PS Hub is part of the Transforming our Professional Services (TOPS) programme whose mission is to redesign and modernise our professional services.