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The Finance Transformer has started

14 November 2018

The Finance Transformer project kicked off on Tuesday 13 November.

UCL TOPS Finance Transformer Kick Off

Last week it was announced that ‘Service Transformation is starting now’ in The Week article, Preparing for Service Transformation, with a commitment to keeping UCL staff up to date on progress and how to get involved.

The project is starting with a 3-month design phase and is engaging with academic and Professional Services (PS) users, and finance teams to identify ways to improve finance services.

The Finance Transformer is focusing on creating a model for operating the service, which will include the full list of services that Finance will offer in the future. The team will review and analyse three main service areas and develop a detailed view of how they will run services, sharing information and updates as they go. The design phase will inform the plan for how the finance service will evolve over the coming years; clearly defining what Transforming our Professional Services (TOPS) will deliver within the life of the transformer project and what will be delivered via continuous improvement beyond that.

Over the life of the Finance Transformer there will be a range of ways to get involved, including:

  • Finance Transformer User Group: Talk to your manager about getting involved in the network of UCL staff who will share their time and knowledge to improve the design of UCL’s finance services. 
  • Showcasing: View up to date presentations of current thinking (when available), shared on the TOPS website, with the team involved giving a view on progress. 
  • Gallery Walk: TOPS will be visiting a range of Faculty and PS events to share its Gallery Walk, an interactive activity to share learnings and updates on a range of TOPS and PS developments. The team recently hosted a Gallery Walk at the Faculty of Medical Science Professional Service Conference. 
  • Monthly updates: Receive the TOPS monthly update, which will provide up to date thinking, links to the most recent Showcase, and the Finance Transformer plans. If you would like to be added to the TOPS Monthly Update distribution list, please email I.Dancy@ucl.ac.uk – the TOPS Engagement Director.

Although the vision has not been decided yet, the Finance Transformer aims to make more effective use of your time, supported by fit for purpose systems and processes. We need your help to do this, so please do get involved by contacting the TOPS mailbox.