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Results day: congratulations to all our students

4 July 2018

On Friday 6 July, all eligible* UCL students will receive assessment results for 2017-18.

Students celebrating  

This is the first time that you will all receive your results on the same day, in a formal email to your student email account. The results will then be available on Portico (UCL's student record system) on Monday 9 July.

The results emails will be sent out to students in batches throughout the day, as it is not possible to send a single communication to all undergraduate and taught Master's students. The emails have been designed to be viewable on mobile devices and, in response to your feedback, the results will be presented in a format suitable for sharing with employers and postgraduate admissions.

Late Summer Assessment and deferrals

If you have failed or deferred examinations, a follow up message explaining next steps will be sent on the same day to your student email account. On Monday 23 July, an email confirming the exam timetable will be sent to those of you taking Late Summer Assessments or deferred examinations. If you are producing coursework in the Late Summer Assessment period, your department will provide information about what you need to do and when.

Certificate and transcripts

In early August, every student who has been awarded their degrees in summer 2018 will receive your certificate by post to your home address and, in response to your feedback, five copies of your transcript.

*Teacher Trainers will receive their results on Friday 20 July

Key dates

Friday 6 July 2018: All students who have had their results confirmed at a board in June will receive an email with results and awards to their student account. These results will also be released to Portico on 09 July 18.

Friday 6 July 2018: Students taking assessments in the summer, both deferrals and Late Summer Assessments (LSA), will receive an email to confirm LSA procedures including exam timetable release date. All resits and deferrals will be listed on Portico from Monday 9 July 18.

Monday 23 July 2018: Students taking assessments in the summer, both deferrals and LSA, will receive an email confirming your exam timetable.

Early August 2018: All those awarded in the summer 2018 will receive a certificate and five copies of transcripts sent to home address.