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Launch of Project & Programme Management (PPM) Community of Practice

6 December 2018

The Project & Programme Management (PPM) community of practice launched last month, with a presentation from Michael Schuitevoeder (Programme Director Institute of Neurology/Dementia Research Institute programme) who shared some of the PPM challenges he's faced in his career.


In addition, there was an introduction by Kate Higham (Programme Manager UCL East) to ‘Crowdsolving PPM’ as a way of helping people get together to solve problems – a series of potential future events using the great expertise of the UCL PPM community to tackle real current issues. 

Nearly 100 people attended the launch from across UCL’s faculties and professional services. Thanks to everyone for their contributions and feedback before, during and after the event.

The Project & Programme Management community of practice has already started five projects for its first 6-12 months:
•    Project log – creating a register of UCL’s projects
•    Communities of excellence – bringing clarity and accessibility to project management tools and methods, building on what we have already
•    Mentoring – creating a scheme tailored to the PPM Community
•    Training and development – launching an associate project manager qualification and a career development framework
•    Launch and beyond – ‘Lunch and learns’ and ‘PPM Crowdsolving’

Further information on communities of practice is available on the TOPS website.

If you would like to know more about the PPM community of practice, then please email one of the co-leads: 
Sarah Dowling, Project Manager (Division of Psychiatry)                
Sarah Earl, PMO Manager (UCL East)                                                       
Dean Stokes, Major Projects Portfolio Director (Planning)             

For any questions related to establishing new communities of practice, please contact Daniela Bultoc, Head of Communities of Practice at UCL.