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Take part in a study on public Wi-Fi and receive £10 in gift vouchers

16 August 2018

We're looking for participants to take part in a study identifying incentives for users to adopt a Virtual Private Network (VPN) on mobile devices.

Public Wifi Survey VPN provides an encrypted channel for transmitting data; hence helps to mitigate security and privacy risks when using unsecured networks such as open free public Wi-Fi.

What's in it for me?

Each participant will receive a £10 Amazon gift voucher.

I know nothing about VPN, can I still participate?

Yes, no prior experience with VPN is required. The researcher will explain what VPN is and how the app works.

What do I need to do?

You will be interviewed on a face-to-face basis for one hour. We will ask a series of questions about factors that could/have influence(d) you to adopt the app. Interview sessions will be audio-recorded and subsequently transcribed anonymously. If you do NOT want your interview recorded, you WILL NOT be eligible to take part in the study.

The interview will take place on UCL campus (Bloomsbury) or in a public space (e.g. coffee shop or train station) in Central London (Zone 1), depending on your availability and convenience.

Who is qualified to participate?

Participants must:

· be at least 18 years old 

· live in the UK 

· have a smartphone (or tablet) that you normally carry with you when out and about 

· use public Wi-Fi in public places (e.g. coffee shop, train/tube station, airports) to connect to the Internet from those devices (at least from time to time)

I'm interested, what's next?

Please complete this pre-screening questionnaire.

If you are qualified for the study, we will contact you within two weeks.

All data will be collected and stored in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018. This study has received an approval from University College London Research Ethics Committee (no: 8539/005). Should you have any questions about this study, please contact Nissy Sombatruang at uctznso@ucl.ac.uk.