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Calling all cyclists: what would you look for in an electric bicycle?

31 October 2017

Understanding cycling and e-bike use in the UK

electric bike image bike/" target="_self">Pedal Progress is a project initiated by Mechanical Engineering students at University College London in collaboration with Bamboo Bicycle Club to design and build a bamboo cargo bike that aims to provide reasonable and reliable mean of transport.

Cycling and e-bikes have becoming more popular in recent years, particularly in China, Japan, Netherlands and Germany, but are less popular in the UK, where roads are becoming more congested and emissions have increased.

Pedal progress are running a poll to develop a better understanding of what amateur and professional cyclists would like to see in in an e-bike. Even if you don't cycle, they are still interested to know what you think.

For more information, and to take part in the poll, contact pedalprogress@gmail.com.