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Could UCL Innovation and Enterprise be your greatest asset?

14 November 2017

'I'm waving the flag, and I want to wave it long and high that UCL is THE place to come to for entrepreneurship.

Jerry Allen ' Jerry Allen, UCL Director of Enterprise

myUCL Student Journalist Robert Vilkelis meets Jerry Allen, UCL's new Director of Enterprise

As an entrepreneur, I discovered that the essence of success doesn't lie in you or your idea, but in your network: the people around you, the resources within reach, and the quality of your conversations.

Got a ground-breaking idea? Part of a business? Looking to make your time UCL about more than just bagging a first?  UCL Innovation & Enterprise could be your greatest asset.

Meet Jerry Allen, UCL Director of Enterprise

Bold, passionate and visionary, Jerry Allen started as UCL's latest Director of Enterprise in October.

'I've been in this role for 5 weeks,' Jerry shares, 'and I liken it to a child being in a sweet shop: looking up at all the candy, and thinking, "where do I start?"

'Like gazing at delicious gumdrops, jawbreakers, taffies and lollipops, I'm looking up at this array of talent and potential, and that's very exciting. I feel that I'm the flag-bearer: I'm waving the flag, and I want to wave it long and high that UCL is THE place to come to for entrepreneurship.'

In a passionate chat over coffee, Jerry shares what he wants you to know about UCL Innovation & Enterprise: why it's here, what it does, and how it can help you during your time at UCL and beyond.

4 Things You Should Know about UCL Innovation and Enterprise

1. UCL Innovation & Enterprise sits at the heart of every student's future potential.

'Entrepreneurship aims to unlock the hidden, often untapped, but likely prevalent niggling issue in [your] talent. It speaks directly to 'how am I going to make a difference in world?'

'Specifically, entrepreneurship can equip every member of the student community and our staff, with the skills and knowledge to enhance their contribution to the society in which we live.'

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2. We're here to make UCL the go-to place for entrepreneurship within London, within the UK and upon the global stage.

Elevating you and your idea into the spotlight? That's what UCL Innovation & Enterprise is here for, as Jerry states, 'I'm aiming to showcase our talent, and our ability to help people achieve their potential.

'3.2% of our graduates become self-employed or freelance. My aim is to increase the number of people that want to take that pathway, and to increase their probability of being successful - and to provide them with the skills and knowledge to fly; to make their business idea a runaway success.'

From developing your skills to winning funding to developing partnerships, click here to learn how UCL Innovation & Enterprise can support you.

3. In the shape of Base KX, you have the resources, both physically and with associated staff, to make your dream a reality.

'We are so well-positioned physically within King's Cross but, more importantly, in London: within an ecosystem of accelerators, dedicated support, finance, and our alumni network.

'I would like people to come forward with solutions to our societal problems. I'm keen to inspire social innovators; people that can help us tackle our global challenges, which is very close to what we do as a university, and what we should be doing as a university.'

Find out what Base KX offers, and see how you can be on your way to getting a FREE space in the heart of London to work and meet fellow entrepreneurs.

4. We're here to highlight, showcase and help you with your innovation agenda, with your creation of new knowledge, systems and products - in whichever field that may be.

'We have some world leaders that are creating new inventions that are, by their very nature, second to none.

'Half the challenge is to get people to recognise that there is help available through funding, through support and through partnership services to help each individual, wherever they are, to achieve their full potential and showcase their exemplary talent within this community we have at UCL.'

How can UCL Innovation & Enterprise take your projects to the next level? Get in touch with them at entrepreneurship@ucl.ac.uk.

'Do something; commit to something.'

Check out the list of events on the UCL Enterprise and Innovation Facebook page and choose how you're going to get involved.

'My strong recommendation for anyone looking at that page? Do something; commit to something. Don't say: "I might do something later."

'When you decide what you're going to do, tell the rest of your network so that you can give them that opportunity. That's the way that we'll reach a wider, wider community.

'Seize that moment; carpe diem. That is the signature of an entrepreneur'.