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UCL launches special inquiry into regenerative medicine research

23 March 2017

An independent special inquiry to establish the full facts of UCL's regenerative medicine research and UCL's relationship to Paolo Macchiarini and the Karolinska Institute has now been formally constituted.

The inquiry's terms of reference have now been finalised and UCL has issued a call for evidence relevant to the inquiry.

The inquiry is aiming to report in Summer 2017, at which time a full report of the findings will be made publicly available.

Our initial statement dated 16 September 2016 remains available below:

16 September 2016

As a leading research intensive university, UCL takes the integrity of its research and its research processes very seriously. Following recent events at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden relating to some aspects of regenerative medicine research, UCL's Vice Provost (Research) has instigated a special inquiry in order to establish the nature and scope of regenerative medicine research at UCL and to establish the nature of UCL's relationship with regenerative medicine research that may have taken place at the Karolinska Institute.

The Inquiry is intended to be separate from any of UCL's existing investigative, HR or other procedures, to allow it a broader scope, although the outcome(s) of the Inquiry  may result in one or more of these existing procedures being instigated.

UCL is currently in the process of finalising the terms of reference for the Inquiry and identifying a suitable independent chair.


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