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UCL Tier 4 student visa timesheets go live on 31 July

6 July 2017

The new tier 4 timesheet process will go live from Monday 31 July.

Quad summer From that date, all tier 4 students and those involved in the allocation of work to those students will be required to use the new timesheet system.

Briefing sessions are being held throughout July providing information and support to those who allocate work to tier 4 students. If you are unable to attend a session, you can find guidance here.

Briefing sessions are being held throughout July to provide information and guidance to those who allocate work to tier 4 students:

Further guidance can be found here.

Students will be required to complete their timesheets on a daily basis and those who are looking to allocate hours should review the timesheet prior to the student undertaking any work. The new system should be used to avoid any student working more than 20 hours per week - for the purposes of this system a week will run from Monday to Sunday.

We have an obligation to ensure that anyone who works for us has the legal right to do so and that they are working within the restrictions of their visa - further information on right to work can be found here. Please ensure that this information is cascaded to the appropriate people within your departments and team.

Thank you for your ongoing support and commitment in ensuring we operate within this important area of legal compliance.

For further information on the timesheets please contact Sarah Danzie, Head of Employment Policy s.danzie@ucl.ac.uk.

Sarah Danzie, Head of Employment Policy, Human Resources Division