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UCL Staff Survey 2017: Have Your Say

20 July 2017

At UCL we are committed to developing a culture where staff feel engaged with their work and motivated to do their best within the working environment.

Quad summer Every two years we ask staff to give us feedback about their experience of working here to ensure we can improve on the areas we need to focus on.

We recognise staff engagement is a key driver to achieving our vision for UCL 2034. To ensure we are all working together to deliver the programme, I remain committed to ensuring your views are heard to identify where there is room for improvement.

Corporate and local action plans were developed following the last survey in 2015 and I am keen to see how things have changed. The staff survey enables staff to tell us how they feel about working at the University which will help UCL's leadership team to ensure we can make working life at the University a positive and fulfilling experience.

We have appointed ORC as an external partner to run the survey who will collate and analyse the results on UCL's behalf. This is important to maintain confidentiality as we do not receive any individual responses which remain confidential at all times.

Professor Nigel Titchener-Hooker, Dean of Engineering, has been appointed as the SMT Sponsor who will chair the staff survey working group. Together the working group, from nominations from across the University, will review the survey content and deliver the communications strategy with a view to achieving a response rate of at least 57%. If you are interested in supporting the survey working group, please contact Sarah Danzie, Head of HR Policy s.danzie@ucl.ac.uk to register your interest.

I am pleased to announce the staff survey will run from Monday 6 November to Friday 24 November. The survey will take between 5-10 minutes to complete and I ask you to take the time to provide feedback on how you feel about working at the University. The results will be shared with staff who will be given the opportunity to discuss the results and input into local action plans.

At the end of the survey you will have the opportunity to nominate a charity, from a selection of charities, to receive a donation of £5 from UCL. There will also be an option to submit your name into a free prize draw for a tablet or reader.

We will continue to work in close partnership with our recognised campus trade unions, who are also members of the survey working group, as we see this as key to ensuring staff voices are heard.

Further information about UCL's 2017 staff survey will be communicated regularly through TheWeek@UCL. Information can be found on the actions taken following the 2015 staff survey.

If you have any questions please contact Sarah Danzie, Head of HR Policy, who is co-ordinating the survey for UCL.

Professor Michael Arthur, UCL President & Provost