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#brainsonlegs: Faculty step challenge winners announced

7 July 2017

In June 2017 the Faculty of Brain Sciences held to a step challenge for all staff to promote wellbeing, as well as encouraging some friendly competition and teamwork across the Faculty.

The winning team: Dementia Running Cooperative

30 teams, each made up of five members, took part from many Faculty departments. Using fitness trackers and smartphones, each team member logged their daily steps for the whole month of June and submitted their weekly totals to the Faculty office. In addition to the monthly competition, participants competed in weekly prize categories to keep motivated.

Many competitors took to social media to share their efforts with tweets, photos, videos and more, using #brainsonlegs to track their teammates and rivals' progress. While many stayed close to home, steps were also counted in destinations as diverse as the USA, Dubai and the Czech Republic; more than one competitor ran a half-marathon!

Overall winners:

The overall winners of the step challenge were the Dementia Running Cooperative who logged an incredible 3,517,685 steps over 30 days. The team's members were Jonathan M. Schott (leader), Frankie O'Shea, Amanda Heslegrave, Bex Bond and Charlie Marshall. All are from the Dementia Research Centre, Institute of Neurology.

The Hotsteppers - Selina Wray (leader), Tammaryn Lashley, Lauren Gittings, Sandrine Wauters and Bridget Benson - came in 2nd place with an amazing 3,059,826 steps. They were closely followed by the Division of Psychiatry's Mistresses of the Masters - Sonia Johnson (leader), Nicola Morant, Jo Billings, Gemma Lewis and Sarah Rowe -who achieved a fantastic 3,027,819 steps.

Weekly winners:

Week 1 winner:

  • Individual with highest total of Steps: Charlie Marshall (Dementia Running Cooperative, IoN)

Week 2 winner:

  • Best Lunchtime Walk: Kate Brunskill (Les Flâneuses, IoN) - below

Kate Brunskill's winning photo

Week 3 winners: 

  • Individuals with the greatest improvement from Week 2: Magdalena Zak (Auditory Ambulators, Ear Institute) and Lottie Millett (Tinchey Stryders, DoP)
  • Team with the greatest improvement from Week 2: Tinchey Stryders (DoP)

Week 4 winners:

Best Team Photo: Selina Wray (Hotsteppers, IoN) - below

The Hotsteppers' Team photo
  • Favourite Twitter Post: Lisa Nolan (Auditory Ambulators, Ear Institute) - below

The Auditory Ambultator's winning photo

Congratulations to the winners, runners-up, and thank you to everyone who took part.

Feedback and future challenges:

The Faculty would like to hold future challenges for all Brain Sciences staff to take part in. Current suggestions include a Faculty bake-off in the winter. Please contact the Faculty team if you have any suggestions and to offer any feedback on the step challenge!