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Share your views on UCL's new password policy and receive up to £40 in Amazon vouchers

25 January 2017

The human-centred security research team at UCL, under the leadership of Professor Angela Sasse, is conducting a set of interviews to understand how recent changes to the university's password policy are affecting staff and students.

Share your views on UCL’s new password policy and receive up to £40 in Amazon vouchers

We invite UCL staff and students who have not changed or reset their UCL password since October 2016 or have only recently done so in January 2017 to be interviewed about their views and understanding of passwords in the university and to complete regular diary surveys about their experiences.

To arrange an initial interview, please choose a time for the interview.

Interviews will be conducted on UCL's main Bloomsbury campus, will take about 30 minutes and will be completely confidential. 

Each participant will receive up to £40 in Amazon vouchers if they complete the initial interview and a small number of regular surveys about their experiences of the new password system (through to the end of March 2017).

Those completing only the initial interview will receive a smaller amount.

If you have any queries about the study, please contact us at password-research [at] cs.ucl.ac.uk.

Thanks for your help and support in this initiative.

All data collection and processing is in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and UCL researchers will anonymise your information. This study has been approved by the UCL Research Ethics Committee (Project no. 5336/007).

Simon Parkin, UCL Computer Science