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An update from Astrea, UCL's grass roots network for professional services women

14 December 2017

Since Astrea founded in Autumn 2014, we've hosted 1,200 UCL professional services women coming together to connect to, share with and learn from one another.

Astrea Conference We've put on 18 events and hosted 2 conferences.

This past year, we've been a bit quiet. We have not lost our passion for supporting each other, the opposite is true, but we've simply struggled a little to keep on top of running events and our busy day jobs at the same time. That's why next year we've scaled back our ambitions and will simply be hosting 6 amazing events so that we can keep connected, keep sharing and keep learning from one another.

We are going to reshuffle our steering committee, so the current Chair, Catherine Thomson (Marketing and Communications Manager, UCL Arts & Humanities UCL Social & Historical Sciences, UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies) and one of the Co-Founders, Alice Chilver (Head of Communities of Practice) will work together to appoint a new committee and get them set up for a successful year.

Please check out the Astrea website to find out how you can get involved on the committee or to share your ideas for Astrea events in 2018.