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UCL Student Support and Wellbeing: helping you with your local inductions for students

14 September 2016

The UCL Student Support and Wellbeing team have been working hard this summer to create video resources for new students to welcome them to UCL, make them feel a part of the UCL student community and to inform them of the support services available to them.

UCL students

UCL Presidet & Provost student welcome video

In this video, UCL President & Provost Professor Michael Arthur extends a warm and personal welcome to all new students. He gives a little of UCL's historical background and touches on its values of equality and inclusivity. He briefly mentions Brexit and reassures students that they will always be welcome at UCL. The video is available on our YouTube channel.

Updated Student Support and Wellbeing video

We have recently updated our Student Support and Wellbeing video to inform students about the support services that are available at UCL. The video includes information about the Student Centre, Student Funding Welfare, Ridgmount Practice, the Student Psychological and Disability Services, the Chaplain and Interfaith adviser, out of hours support, interruption of studies, the warden and vice warden system and the doctoral school. It is available on our YouTube channel.

Diversity in London video

When it comes to diversity, there really is no other city like London - it is argued to be the most multicultural city in the world and is also regularly listed as one of the world's most LGBT-friendly cities. As part of a 'Diversity in London' project, Student Support and Wellbeing have created a video to welcome new students and give an idea of what it's like to study and live in a city as wonderfully diverse and open as London! It is available on our YouTube channel.

How to update your address on portico

This video is a short tutorial explaining how to update addresses on portico. It is very important to have an up-to-date term time address recorded in portico for tasks that may need a Student Status letter (for example, bank account applications and council tax exemption). It is also important for meeting the terms of a Tier 4 visa. The video is available on our YouTube channel.

International student webinars

The International Student Support team recently ran 14 webinars over the course of 4 weeks covering topics such first weeks at UCL, accessing healthcare in the UK and visa advice. A total of 529 students registered for the webinars from 81 different countries, asking a total of 142 questions. The webinars were immensely popular with much interest amongst students who could not attend - consequently, the webinars were recorded and made available here.

Annie Warren, Student Adviser, UCL Student Support and Wellbeing Team, UCL Student & Registry Services