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New to UCL student survey

26 October 2016

On Friday 28 October UCL will launch the New to UCL survey for the first time.

Students The survey will be sent to any new undergraduate or postgraduate who has joined UCL this academic year and will cover a number of different aspects including decision-making, enrolment, accommodation, support services and department welcome. A prize draw incentive of £500 cash is on offer, as well as 2 x £100 Amazon vouchers. 

Students will be emailed a link to survey, which will close on 28 November. The email will be UCL branded and sent from the following email address: student.surveys@ucl-teaching.org.uk. Please reassure any students who are concerned that it could be spam, that this is a genuine internal email from UCL. The survey headlines and department reports will be sent out in December.    

The New to UCL survey will replace the arrival section of the Student Barometer this year, following a decision made by committee to drop the Student Barometer and pilot our own internal surveys.  We hope this will allow us to gain better insights into the student experience and provide us with more accurate information on which to base our planning and decision-making processes.

If you would like any materials to help promote the survey, please contact student.surveys@ucl.ac.uk

Sally Mackenzie, Head of Student Engagement, Office of the Vice-Provost (Education and Student Affairs)