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New to UCL? Tell us about your experience so far and you could win £500

3 November 2016

As a new student at UCL, it's important that you receive the information and support you need to settle in and begin your studies.

New to UCL survey launches today Please take 10 minutes to share your views through the New to UCL survey and tell us if your arrival went smoothly and where we could improve. 

You can take the survey now or keep an eye out for an email from student.surveys@ucl-teaching.org.uk.

The survey is open to all new students (undergraduate and postgraduate) and all respondents will be entered into a prize draw.  One cash prize of £500 is up for grabs along with two £100 Amazon vouchers.

Your response is completely anonymous and will be used to help drive positive change across UCL. You can check out how student feedback has already helped to affect change at the university, by visiting the You Shaped UCL website.

For further information on the New to UCL survey, please contact student.surveys@ucl.ac.uk.

Sally Mackenzie, Head of Student Engagement, Office of the Vice-Provost (Education and Student Affairs)