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'Blue Monday' is now UCL's 'Get up and do Monday'!

14 January 2016

Mainstream media have set the third (sometimes the second or fourth) Monday in January as the most depressing day of the year - but is it really?  If people talk about it enough we start to believe it, and soon people wake up on this day believing they couldn't be any more depressed.

Blue Monday Portico

Stop! Don't think this way - break the trend! Blue Monday does not exist! 18 January is instead 'Get up and do Monday', so bounce out of bed and do something new!

Have you visited the various museums and collections UCL has to offer?

Have you checked the UCLU website for upcoming events?

Have you signed up with UCLU Volunteering Services?

And don't forget, UCLU has more than 300 clubs and societies that are always busy with activities - take a look and sign up!

Have you explored London? Time Out London has some fantastic ideas.

Have you explored other places in the UK? Check out the Visit Britain website for more more information.

Have you borrowed a good book from one of our libraries?

Have you spoken to a UCL Careers consultant about how you might take your career forward this year?

On Monday 18 January, between 11am and 3pm, the Wilkins Garden Room will be full of information about things you can do on and around campus - come and take a look!

And if you are feeling blue, there are lots of sources of support available to you at UCL, with Student Minds and with the Samaritans.

What ever you plan on doing, get out there and enjoy 'Get up and do Monday'!

Kate Jones
UCL Student Advisory and Events Services