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Research students: tell us about your research data management needs

3 February 2016

UCL is committed to developing services that support the activity of all our research students.

RDM survey Many funders now place research data requirements on projects and we would like to ensure that our continued investment in UCL's research data infrastructure and support allows researchers to meet these. 

To help improve our services, training and infrastructure, we would like to understand how UCL can better support you to store, organise and preserve the research data and sources created and used during your research projects. This anonymous survey is open to all UCL research students and researchers.

We are interested in all types of research projects, whatever the discipline, source of funding and whether you produce digital or non-digital data. Please complete the survey even if you are not familiar with research data management, feel that you produce little data in your research or do not receive funding for your research.

The survey takes about 15 minutes to complete and is open until Friday 19 February.

Start the survey now. Please send this article to all of your research colleagues. 

For any questions about the survey, please contact your Research Data Support Officer. A poster is available to download.

Myriam Fellous-Sigrist
Research Data Support Officer, UCL Library Services