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Do you need to apply for Special Exam Arrangements?

3 February 2016

Special Exam Arrangements are designed to support students with disabilities, health conditions or mental health issues that may adversely affect their ability to undertake timed assessments and mean that they are unable to sit in the main examination hall.

UCL Student Disability Services  

Arrangements might consist of extra writing time, rest breaks, use of a computer or ergonomic furniture.

If you wish to request Special Exam Arrangements you must complete an online form to ensure they are agreed and implemented for your end of year exams and any future departmental tests. This is in addition to any existing Summary of Reasonable Adjustment documentation you may have, face-to-face appointments, or email liaison you have already had with UCL Student Disability Services.

Special Exam Arrangements FAQs

Who needs to complete this form?

The following students should complete this form:

  • Students who commenced their studies in September 2015 and wish to request Special Exam Arrangements.
  • Students who have previously been awarded Special Exam Arrangements for one session only (i.e. for one academic year) and wish to request them again for this academic year.
  • Students who were unhappy with their arrangements last year and wish to submit additional information to support a change, or students whose condition has worsened.

You do not need to complete this form if you are a student with existing arrangements in place for the duration of your course, which has already been confirmed by a letter from Assessment and Student Records.

If you are not sure whether or not you need to apply, please email UCL Student Disability Services or call on 020 7679 0100.

If you wish to discuss an application in person you can meet with a Disability Adviser at our drop-in sessions every Monday or Wednesday between 2 and 4pm. Alternatively, contact us to request a 1:1 appointment where you can discuss this and any other support needs in confidence. We are based in the Student Support & Wellbeing Centre at the UCL Institute of Education.

Why do I need to complete this form?

Completion of this form is essential for the above groups of students. It will ensure that your Special Exam Arrangements are confirmed by the Assessment & Student Records Office for the academic year ahead, including your end of year exams. 

What happens once I've submitted the form?

In all cases, we will review your request and advise the Special Assessment Arrangements Panel, which is the authority for any application. Assessment and Student Records will inform you of the panel's final decision. You will receive a pdf letter via your UCL email account confirming your Special Assessment Arrangements. This letter will also be sent to your department.

In some cases, UCL Student Disability Services and Assessment and Student Records may request additional information to aid their decision making process, particularly if you have requested arrangements other than those listed. In some cases we may ask you to meet with a Disability Adviser to discuss your application in more depth.

When do I need to complete it by?

Applications should be submitted six weeks prior to any formal examinations. The final deadline for submissions is Thursday 24 March at 11:59pm. 

Will I need to apply each year?

If your application relates to a permanent disability you will only need to apply once. This will be made clear in your arrangements letter, which will state that arrangements are for the duration of your course.

If your application relates to a temporary disability, arrangements will only be confirmed for this session (i.e. this academic year). If your circumstances change and your disability becomes permanent you will need to apply again the next academic year.  

What is acceptable medical evidence?

For students with sensory impairments, long-term medical conditions and mental health conditions, we will require a letter from a GP or specialist from the past 12 months confirming your diagnosis. 

For students with dyslexia or dyspraxia, we require a valid diagnostic report completed by a psychologist or suitably qualified specific learning difficulties tutor. 

Are other special arrangements permitted aside from those listed?

We expect the arrangements listed to be appropriate for most students. However, each request will be considered on its own merits with due regard to any specific needs that might arise.

Why are you changing the process?

We have introduced an online form to make it easier and quicker for students to apply for Special Exam Arrangements. 

What happens if my illness/disability develops after the deadline?
In order for reasonable adjustments to be made, students with long-term disabilities diagnosed prior to the deadline must apply by 24 March. In cases of late application, students should contact UCL Student Disability Services.

UCL Student Disability Services