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Do our students benefit from our excellent performance in the recent RAND analysis?

8 February 2016

Who better to learn from than the most influential researchers in England? The recent RAND bibliometric analysis, which looked at how often articles were cited by other researchers, puts UCL at the top of all English institutions in terms of having the largest number of highly cited publications.


This independent statistical analysis objectively shows research being carried out at UCL has the highest academic impact and we want our students to be part of it.

At UCL we deliver an integrated approach between teaching and research by providing research-embedded learning at all levels of study, enabling students to benefit from and be part of our academic excellence. This is done by ensuring that all UCL students receive the most contemporary teaching content informed by the very latest evidence and practice, and that they are able to participate in research at all levels of study under the guidance of the most eminent researchers in their field.

It is also important to us that our students develop the skills needed to critically review information, become informed leaders and effective decision makers in their chosen fields.

UCLs reputation as a research powerhouse also enhances student employability; according to the latest 'Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education' survey, six months after graduating 92% of our UG students, 94% of our masters students and 100% of our research students are in full time graduate employment or higher education.