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Calling international postgraduate students and academic staff to take part in an academic international mobility survey 

13 December 2016

The French Institute for Demographic Studies (INED), in partnership with the University of Sussex, cordially invites UCL postgraduates* and academic staff to participate in a study examining the educational, professional and mobility trajectories of postgraduate students and academics in the United Kingdom, France and Spain.

Are you an international postgraduate student or an academic staff member? You can take part in AIMS

In order to contribute to this study, please answer the Academic International Mobility Survey (AIMS), which is part of TEMPER, an ongoing European research project.

The survey should take about 15 minutes to complete. Participants will be able to enter a prize draw for a Samsung Galaxy Tab A tablet. The survey is entirely voluntary and you may opt out at any time.

For more information, please visit the TEMPER project website

Approval for disseminating the survey has been given by the UCL Office of the Vice-Provost (Research).

*The project is focused on ALL academic staff, born in and outside the UK and international postgraduate students (not students born in the UK).