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UCL Parents And Carers Together network event: Assertiveness for parents

20 April 2016

The UCL Parents and Carers Together Network (PACT) have organised the next session as follows: Date:                     Wednesday 27 April 2016 Time:                     12.

Quad summer 30pm till 2:30pm

Venue:                   Roberts 421

Speaker:               Ms Diana Hawk

Topic:                    Assertiveness for parents

Join us for an interactive workshop which will give you a better understanding of assertive communication and how it can be used in everyday settings, especially as a mum or dad. We will focus on assertive communication skills including dealing with conflict, giving effective feedback and how to say no. The session aims to incorporate common parenting scenarios and will better equip you to handle confrontation and conflict with your toddler, teenager, partner or supervisor.

This is an informal session and lunch will be provided. Please register by sending an email to m.sajid@ucl.ac.uk

We look forward to welcoming you.

Madiha Sajid , Programme Administrator, MSc. Health Psychology, UCL Institute of Epidemiology & Health Care