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UCL Press: Book of the day

23 September 2015

Since relaunching in June this year, two of UCL Press's publications have been selected as Book of the Day on unglue.

UCL Press it, a platform that makes available free ebooks to readers and libraries.

Unglue.it is one of several new ventures that funds e-book publishing through alternative means, via crowdfunding, pledges, and publisher donations to make the books freely available to all once a set goal is reached, as well as hosting Open Access books. Temptation in the Archives by Lisa Jardine and Treasures from UCL by Gillian Furlong have both come to the attention of unglue.it and we are delighted that it has chosen to feature them so prominently.

Since launch, UCL Press's first three titles have reached a combined download total of over 5400 copies in over 80 countries round the world in just over three months, and Temptation in the Archives has received an excellent review in Times Higher Education. If you haven't already looked at our books, we'd like to remind you that they are all published in Open Access form, free to download by anyone from our website. More books will be published by UCL Press in the autumn, and we continue to welcome proposals from UCL academics in any subject areas who are interested in publishing with UCL Press. For more details please see: www.ucl.ac.uk/ucl-press

Lara Speicher, Publishing Manager, UCL Press