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UCL education under the spotlight: QAA Higher Education Review

23 October 2015

This academic year, teaching and learning at UCL will be subject to a review by the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA).

UCL education under the spotlight: QAA Higher Education Review Every six years universities undergo an external review process to assure the public that they are meeting the standards required for the qualifications they deliver and that the quality of their education provision is satisfactory. 

The QAA's Higher Education Review of UCL will take place in May 2016. It will be carried out by a team of external reviewers with extensive experience in higher education.

Listening to students

The student voice is a very important feature of the review process. There will be a student on the review panel and our students - via UCLU - will have an opportunity to present their own submission to the panel.

The review itself will take place in two stages. The first is a desktop exercise in February 2016, with the review team analysing the self-evaluation document (SED) and other material that UCL will submit to show how it sets and maintains academic standards, assures the quality of its qualifications, and safeguards and enhances students' learning experiences. 

The second part of the review consists of a visit by the review team to UCL, starting 9 May 2016. The previous month, the review team will have decided what areas they want to concentrate on and who they would like to meet at UCL. They may pick a specific group of students, for example first year undergraduates or postgraduate taught students.

Professor Anthony Smith, Vice-Provost (Education and Student Affairs), said: "This review is an opportunity for us to show that we see our students as partners in everything we do and listen to their views. Equally, it's important to use the review as a way to look closely at where we think we could do better and go further. If you are contacted in the spring to participate in a meeting with the review team, please do get involved as the review is extremely important to UCL."

Once drafted by the review team and finalised, the review report for UCL will be publicly available via the QAA website, as well as on the UCL website. 

Cat Edera, Academic Standards and Quality Manager, UCL Academic Services