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The UCL education of the future: we want your views

29 October 2015

The UCL education of the future: we want your views ucl.ac.uk/teaching-learning/2016-21" title="The UCL education of the future: we want your views" target="_self">
The UCL education of the future: we want your views

This is an exciting time for education at UCL. We're planning major changes to a UCL education of the future and our five-year plan, our Education Strategy 2016-2021, contains exciting proposals that affect you.

We've already asked for your views and changed the strategy as a result. Now it's time for you to make your voice heard again.

As a result of your feedback:

  • We've taken out the idea of  'UCL-ness': a list of attributes which define UCL graduates
  • We've changed the proposal to make all students sit the 'core course' - a module that teaches critical thinking through an online platform. Instead, students will complete this before starting at UCL
  • We've moved away from every course having an online module
  • We've placed more emphasis on providing support for staff when it comes to assessment and feedback

Key features of the strategy

You were supportive of these key features of the strategy:

  • A strong emphasis on support for all students, whether or not they are international students, particularly when it comes to academic writing
  • Embedding research skills into every degree programme so that students, from first-year undergraduates to final year PhD students receive a research-based education
  • Treating students as partners and key players in our decision-making, through opportunities such as UCL ChangeMakers
  • An investment in digital learning
  • Sustained efforts to resolve problems with the teaching estate

What do you think? Have we missed anything? Is there something we should emphasise more?

Tell us your views so that we ensure our Education Strategy reflects what you think the UCL education of the future should be.

You can read the draft and tell us what you think online. If you want more information, or have any questions, please email us: teaching.learning@ucl.ac.uk

We're also going to be in the South Cloisters between 12pm and 3pm on Wednesday 4 and Thursday 19 November. We'll ask you a few questions to hear what you think - no prior knowledge needed.

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Irrum Ali, Communications Manager, UCL Office of the Vice-Provost (Education and Student Affairs)