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New UCL Dignity at Work Advisers

20 October 2015

UCL has a network of

Quad ucl.ac.uk/hr/equalities/Dignity/staff.php">Dignity at Work Advisers who are trained in active listening and problem solving skills and who can assist staff who may be feeling bullied or harassed in the workplace. The network has been established for over a decade and many staff find that speaking to a neutral third party, away from their usual work setting, can be extremely helpful in alleviating feelings of isolation, fear and doubt they may be experiencing in difficult, often longstanding, work situations. Experienced adviser Caroline Selai affirms: "Please come and talk to one of the Dignity at Work Advisers. At the end of their first meeting, many people say they wish they had spoken to someone sooner." The network has recently expanded to 10 members, from a range of backgrounds and areas of UCL, so that staff should easily be able to identify a suitable person to talk to.

If you are a member of staff, believe you have experienced bullying and harassment at work and would value an informal, confidential discussion about your situation, contact one of our advisers at the earliest opportunity. Alternatively you can contact our Employee Assistance Programme to access confidential counselling services or your central HR consultant for expert HR advice and support. UCL is committed to tackling harassment and bullying and takes all allegations seriously and impartially. Bullying and harassing behaviour is totally unacceptable in a collegial and professional workplace.

Nigel Waugh, HR Director, UCL Human Resources Division