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Day in the life of a PhD student vlogging campaign has a UCL star

6 November 2015

Emma Cole, who completed her PhD in Classics this summer, was invited by jobs.

Emma cole stars in jobs.ac.uk vlogging campaign ac.uk, the global gateway for PhD and research opportunities to vlog about her real-life studies and experience at UCL. She was one of five students from around the world to star in the innovative vlogging campaign which aims at supporting future PhD students and gives them a real insight into what it's like to study a PhD.

Emma's vlogs covered the last few weeks of her PhD and chart her preparations for her viva, as well as insights into starting her first academic post at the University of Bristol. Prior to her PhD Emma completed an MA in Reception of the Classical World at UCL and a BA (Hons Class I) at the University of Sydney.

A hit with viewers

The PhD vlogging project has been a hit with viewers with the videos receiving over 31,000 views directly on jobs.ac.uk and 5,000 views on the jobs.ac.uk YouTube channel. The short weekly video diaries filmed by Emma and the four other PhD students themselves provided a snapshot of their different PhD journeys and gave a real insight into the daily lives of PhD students in the UK, US and Europe.

Current and future PhD students could benefit from the vlogs, while the vloggers themselves have caught the vlogging bug, Emma is going to continue vlogging on her YouTube channel.

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