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UCL MechEng to host Summer Session

15 May 2015

The UCL MechEng Summer Session will take place at The Gallery Bar and Venue, Student Central, Malet Street on 2 June at 6:30pm.

The Cable Street Collective are one of the main attractions at UCL MechEng Summer Session  

The event, which is open to all students and staff, will showcase and celebrate mechanical engineering final year group projects, including designs for a robotic fish, the new eco-friendly hydrogen-based marathon vehicle 'Hydrone' and designs for 'SkyCycle'- an elevated cycle lane concept for urban areas.

Cable Street Collective

The festive element of the evening will feature a live set from one of London's finest new bands the Cable Street Collective, as well as the giant Scalextric races, FIFA 15 tournament, impact simulators, pool and much more.

Mechanical engineering is a diverse discipline and the principles from this field are used in many areas including, increasingly, health related fields. One of the projects on display is called 'PhysioFlo' a rig designed by students to help validate computational simulations of blood flow.

The Summer Session will also see the launch of UCL's new Formula Student racing vehicle, which will compete with universities from around the world at Silverstone Race Track this July. Materials scientist, award winning science writer and broadcaster, Mark Miodownik will host the event.

Head of Department Professor Yiannis Ventikos said, "We hope students and colleagues from other departments across the university will come and have a look at the wonderful and truly innovative projects our students have been working so hard on. It's the end of a long and very challenging road for them, so you will understand that we will all be in the mood to celebrate."

Mykal Riley, UCL Mechanical Engineering