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UCL Community Contribution Awards

21 May 2015

Do you know of a UCL student who has contributed to a non-academic field relating to UCL as a wider community? Activities might be in areas such as music, theatre, fundraising, volunteering, sport or mentoring.

Quad lit Perhaps you know a UCL student that has undertaken an important selfless act in their home or personal lives, such as providing care to another person.

If so then please nominate them for the UCL Community Contribution Awards. Up to ten of these awards are funded by Santander Universities. Nominations may relate to activities or achievements in the current or the previous academic year provided the student was enrolled at UCL at that time.

Each award consists of a donation of £1,000 made on behalf of the student to a single organisation of their choice, preferably a registered charity related to the activity for which they have been awarded this prize.

Candidates may be nominated by a UCL student or staff member by submitting the UCL Community Contribution Nomination Form to UCL Student Funding. Students cannot nominate themselves and awards are open only to individual students. For full details please see:


Complete nominations should be submitted by email to studentfunding@ucl.ac.uk by Monday 1 June 2015 .

Paul Nauth, Student Funding Officer, Student Funding Office, Student & Registry Services