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Participants needed for documentary on 'invisible illnesses'

1 May 2015

A UCL trainee documentary filmmaker would like to recruit participants with Myalgic Encephalopathy (ME), Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and Fibromyalgia (FM) to contribute to her short film on chronic invisible illnesses.

Participants needed for documentary on 'invisible illnesses'

UCL Masters student Anna Westland is keen to speak to anyone with ME, CFS, FM who would like to contribute to the film portraying the difficulties faced by sufferers of these conditions, and the perception of this disease by the public and health care practitioners.

Participants can contribute in the following ways including:

  • Being filmed during your day to day lives, and talking to an interviewer about the problems you've faced and how you may have overcome some of them. If you find leaving the house or having visitors too difficult Anna can conduct a phone/skype interview. Alternatively you could write an email and an actor can read out your comments
  • Submitting ideas regards what should be included in the documentary, particularly what you as a suffered think would be useful for the public to see about ME/CFS/FM
  • Submitting poems about or inspired by ME/CFS/FM
  • Submitting personal photos or home videos - to show the difference the disease has made to your life (then and now)
  • Submitting photos of things especially small things that make your life difficult or easier, for example not having a seat at a bus stop.

For more information contact anna.westland.14@ucl.ac.uk or visit the documentary website https://meandmedocumentary.wordpress.com.

Anna Westland, UCL Department of Anthropology