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Global Citizenship Programme: registration now open

20 February 2015

The UCL Global Citizenship Programme, a special feature of the UCL year, is now open for registration.

Global Citizenship Programme

Running from 1 to 12 June 2015, the programme provides you with a range of opportunities to help you boost your studies, enhance your future and make an impact on the world. 

The programme is broken down into different options for:

  • First and second year undergraduates: these courses focus on the UCL Grand Challenges - enabling students to tackle the same key global questions as UCL's world-leading researchers. The courses are specially designed to be multidisciplinary, accessible and enjoyable.
  • Second, third and final year undergraduates: The focus of this part of the UCL Global Citizenship Programme is on putting your skills into practice in practical, real-world projects, preparing you for life beyond university. 
  • PGT students: You can now take part in the practical second and final year undergraduate courses - Enterprise, Voluntary Sector and Employability options - to gain real-world experience in a range of fields.

Why take part?

There are many reasons to sign up for the UCL Global Citizenship Programme - not least because it's fun, and you'll get to spend two weeks working with new friends from across UCL. Everyone who has taken part so far would recommend that new students sign up too.

You'll broaden your network, see the bigger picture, learn new skills and ultimately get the professional edge. The programme has been designed to complement your studies and provides an excellent way to turn your academic experience in to practical experience.

How to get involved

Registration for the Global Citizenship Programme opens on 20 February, so book your place early to avoid disappointment. 

To mark the opening of registration for the programme, a special series of events is being organised during Global Citizenship Week (23-27 February), including the UCL Global Citizenship Lecture, delivered by Shami Chakrabarti, which will be streamed live: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/global-citizenship/lecture.

If you have any queries or questions about any aspect of the programme, please email: globalcitizenshipprogramme@ucl.ac.uk.

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