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A festive offer to UCL staff who love Italy: improve your Italian for free

17 December 2015

The UCL Italian department is offering staff members a unique opportunity.

Italian xmas They are opening up their evening classes in post-intermediate Italian to staff for free!

Four lucky staff members will be able to enrol free for the new course: Italian Language, Life and Culture: Post-Intermediate-Level Italian, a 10 week evening class starting on 13 January 2016 which normally costs £480. Get 20 hours of expert tuition for free!

How do I sign up?

You need to have some ability in Italian to join the course and be able to commit to the ten week long evening classes (Wednesdays from 13 January 2016).

Complete the language assessment form and email it to Dr Marta Niccolai at marta.niccolai@ucl.ac.uk and the first four applicants to do so will be allocated a place.

What is this course?

Joining this course gives you access to the world-renowned Italian department at UCL. You'll be taught by experts in the field (many of whom are native Italians), engaged in frontline research.

Dr Marta Niccolai, who developed the 'Made in Italy' series says: "This is a really unique learning opportunity for those who don't just want to improve language skills but want to do it in a holistic way where they understand many facets of the country and culture. The Italian Department is very excited to be able to offer these courses and to be able to connect people who are interested in our country".

'Made in Italy' is a new series of evening classes at UCL offering a uniquely comprehensive approach to learning Italian language, culture and history. There is also a complimentary course: contemporary Italian culture, which explores Italian influences on literature, film, food and much more.

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