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Professor Chris Husbands: new expanded role

16 April 2015

As you know, in addition to my role as Director of the UCL Institute of Education, I have been asked to assume responsibility for two substantive areas of work as Vice Provost: for academic development and for London.

Chris Husbands I thought it might be helpful to sketch out overall priorities and approach under each of these.

In respect of academic development, my overall task will be to review approaches to academic careers, and specifically to reward and promotion across the university, developing a framework for an overall strategy which ensures that UCL's academic ambitions are matched by its ability to offer career-long development which attracts, retains and develops the very best. My responsibilities will include progressing our work on equalities and diversity to make real and sustainable change. Across the portfolio, I will be working very closely with UCL's HR team, who will be providing policy and development support, as well as with deans and other vice-provosts. My role in academic development will complement that which Rex Knight has in relation to Professional Services staff. Over the next few months, I want to understand as much as I can about how issues of opportunity, reward and development are considered across UCL and to work with as wide a range of colleagues as possible to develop an overall UCL strategy.

In respect of London, my task will be to develop a London strategy for UCL which complements and extends work already in place, with a particular initial focus on culture, arts and business engagement. I expect to build on what has already put in place by Professor Steve Caddick, and, again, I want to work with as wide a range of colleagues as possible to extend UCL's reach across and into London.

Inevitably, it will take some time to put in place the support arrangements and infrastructure to do these jobs properly, alongside the continuing task of integrating the UCL IOE into UCL. Diary management may be a particular challenge for a while, so I hope you will be patient as we align IOE and UCL commitments.

I look forward to working closely with you, to understanding your priorities and to building on what, on initial acquaintance, is some very impressive work

Professor Chris Husbands, Vice-Provost (Academic Development and London)