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Update on proposed merger with IoE

25 September 2014

Negotiations on the proposed merger between UCL and the Institute of Education (IoE) have been proceeding following the decisions in February by the councils of the two organisations to commence discussions about a possible merger.

IOE It is anticipated that the respective councils, subject to the outcome of due diligence and other reports, will take a final decision on the potential merger next month.

Negotiations have been overseen by a joint Operational Planning Group headed by Mr Rex Knight, Vice-Provost (Operations), UCL and Mr Steve Denton, Pro-Director: Strategy and Organisation, IoE. A UCL Operational Working Group has also been established to undertake the necessary preparation for merger pending the Councils' decisions.

The Operational Working Group is made up of representatives of UCL Professional Services Divisions, and has been meeting fortnightly to prepare for the merger should it proceed.

Members of the Operational Working Group have been working closely with colleagues at the IoE to understand their policies and processes and agree on how they might operate in a post-merger environment. Discussions have also been progressing with regard to how professional services functions would be structured and integrated should the merger proceed. It is expected that integration of professional services functions would be achieved over a 12 month transition period with minimal disruption to UCL or IoE staff and students. Should integration result in proposed organisational changes at UCL, staff and unions would be consulted in accordance with UCL's policy on managing organisational change (http://www.ucl.ac.uk/hr/docs/organisational_change.php). UCL has given a commitment that no member of UCL or IoE staff would be dismissed as a direct result of the merger. It is expected that the merger would result in a strengthening of the provision of professional services in addition to the benefits to the academic mission of the merged organisation.

The IoE Council will consider the final merger proposal at its meeting on 8 October and the UCL Council will consider the same at its meeting on 20 October. 

Nigel Waugh, Director, Human Resources