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Annual Declarations of Interest

24 September 2014

Conflicts of interest, be they perceived or real, can cause immense damage to organisations as well as individual reputations.

Quad One of the ways UCL seeks to avoid such conflicts arising is by requiring all staff to register interests that could be reasonably regarded as having the potential to conflict with their work at UCL.

The Declaration of Interest policy is designed to protect individual staff as much as the University and declarations should be registered online (www.ucl.ac.uk/hr/services/doir/live/).

The system contains three sections:

1) General Declarations - all staff, Grade 6 and above

This section is to register external activities and other transactions, as detailed in UCL's Declaration of Interest policy.

Activities should be registered as and when they occur, if you have interests to declare please login and register them as soon as you are able.

2) Consultancy - all academic staff

This section is to register consultancy returns, which will allow individuals undertaking consultancy and their departments to more easily monitor consultancy activity, in accordance with UCL's Consultancy Guidelines (UCL login required).

Further details will be forwarded to Heads of Department from the V-P (Enterprise) office.

3) Related Party - selected senior staff

This section is to register transactions or relationships by staff, their close family or any entities in which they have a controlling interest with UCL or any of its subsidiaries or related entities.

This exercise is part of the annual external audit of UCL's accounts and further details, information and guidance has been forwarded to relevant staff.

Further information

Declarations should be registered on an annual basis following the financial year - 1 August to 31 July.

The deadline for 2013-14 Related Party declarations was 31 August 2014, all other declarations should be made as soon as possible.

Phil Harding, Director of Finance and Business Affairs