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UCL space film evening at Stratford Picture House

22 October 2014

UCL presents an evening of space exploration at Stratford Picture House to mark the upcoming release of Christopher Nolan's new sci-fi blockbuster Interstellar.

Sunshine From 8pm on 28 October, a special screening of Danny Boyle's sci-fi epic Sunshine will be accompanied with a talk from UCL solar researcher Jamie Ryan.

Attendees will be offered the chance to see the film in a completely new light as Ryan explores how much of the film is science and how much is fiction. Prior to the screening, visitors are invited to have a drink in the bar and view the space-themed objects from UCL's museum collections, including a meteorite, part of a crashed satellite, and some historical NASA images of space.

UCL was one of the first universities in the world to be involved in making scientific observations in space, and its Mullard Space Science Laboratory is the biggest university space research facility in the UK.

This event is part of a programme of engagement that UCL is doing in and around Stratford ahead of its plans to build a new campus on Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Jamie Ryan, solar researcher at UCL's Mullard Space Science Laboratory says: "It's important that universities aren't just an ivory tower. At UCL we want to make our research more accessible to the public. I'm excited to be able to tell people about my work in space, alongside one of my favourite sci-fi films."

Dominic Voyce, general manager of Stratford Picture House says: "It's great to be working with UCL to create this space-themed evening, and we hope that people in Stratford will enjoy seeing such an iconic film in a new way."
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Sunshine synopsis
As the sun begins to dim along with humankind's hope for a future, it's up to a crew of eight astronauts to reach the dying star and re-ignite the fire that will bring life back to Earth in this tense, psychological sci-fi thriller that re-teams 28 DAYS LATER director Boyle with writer Alex Garland. Though the encroaching darkness at first seemed unstoppable, scientists have concocted a last-ditch plan to buy the human race a temporary reprieve from the grim future.

The astronauts are given a device designed to literally re-ignite the sun and are sent on the most crucial space mission ever attempted. However, the crew lose radio contact and find themselves not only struggling for their lives, but for their sanity as well.