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SLMS Education Awards 2014/2015

4 November 2014

The SLMS Education Domain wish to recognise and reward those dedicated to improving the quality of education for SLMS students.

SLMS Education Awards 2014/2015 We are proud to announce the SLMS Education Awards which aim to spotlight and support excellence and innovation in the delivery of education.

If you are involved in education and committed to teaching and learning, then why not apply for a SLMS Education Award?

The awards are for any staff member who has contributed to education and could be included in an application for a UCL Arena Fellowship, as evidence of successful practice. The individual awards are aimed at any staff member who has worked on an individual project or shown across the board outstanding contribution to education. There are two categories; those at the beginning of their careers and experienced staff. The team award is for any team (two people or more) who have worked on a single outstanding educational practice, such as a summer school, CPD programme, e-learning project, etc.

  • Winners receive a cash prize and a certificate

    • Individual at the beginning of their careers - £750
    • Individual experienced staff - £750
    • Team award - up to £2000
  • Awards are presented at the graduation ceremony
  • Applications are welcome from anyone involved in the provision of education
  • All applicants must complete an application form and provide a supporting statement from the head of department
  • Reviewing and shortlisting applications will be undertaken by the SLMS Education Domain Awards Committee

Application forms