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Participants needed for a psychological study on online games and mental visualisation: £3 for 30 minutes

27 November 2014

Are you interested in participating in a study on online games and mental visualisation? As a part of my dissertation, researchers at Purdue University and UCL invite you to participate in a psychological study examining mental visualisation in online games until February 2015.

Hands on keyboard We are also interested in examining your personality. To sign up, you first need to complete a 15 minute survey: https://uclpsych.eu.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_d6fWckiranfqxz7 in order for us to see if you are suitable to participate in the lab study. If you are suitable, you will be notified by email.

In the lab, the study involves playing a brief online game for several minutes and answering questions about your experience. £3 will be given to those who have successfully completed both parts of the study.

Location: Third floor cubicles, 26 Bedford way 

Eligibility: Advanced psychology students (e.g. second year or above) and those who have a history of mental illness should not take part in this study.

Contact: Andrew Hung (andrew.hung.12@ucl.ac.uk), Third year psychology undergraduate student, Division of Psychology and Language Sciences

The study has been approved by the Department of Experimental Psychology' ethics committee (Project ID: CPB/2014/008)