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Gardening and Muck in Day at St Pancras

14 November 2014

Earlier this month student volunteers from UCL and other London universities took part in a Gardening and Muck in Day in St Pancras.

Student volunteers

The Gardening and Muck in Day saw 14 students join together to help with some light gardening and cleaning in the homes of older people - giving students the opportunity to socialise with both residents and other London University students. The day was followed by an after party at the St Pancras neighbourhood Association.

Glen Pickard, Volunteering Administrator for the UCL Volunteering Services Unit, who helped organise the event said:

"Participants enthusiastically rolled up their sleeves and helped with cleaning windows, painting, gardening and other tasks as required. Thanks to all the volunteers who took part and made a real difference to residents within our local community."

The event was organised by the UCL Volunteering Services Unit as part of London Student Volunteering Fortnight (LSVF). Open to all students across London, LSVF offers taster events to students across a wide range of volunteering activities.

LSVF was established in 2008 as a collaboration between UCL and 11 other London Higher Education Institutions and is now a highlight in the London student volunteering calendar. The diverse programme of events lets students experience volunteering in London, whilst helping to develop strong relationships with local communities.

UCL Volunteering Services Unit, which is organised through UCL's student union (UCLU) and funded by the university, is one of the largest volunteering departments in UK Higher Education.

John Braime, manager of the UCL Volunteering Services Unit said: "Volunteering has become an integral part of the student experience here at UCL - volunteers tell us that they meet new people, broaden their horizons, and get to play a part in the life of London. It's noticeable how enthusiastic UCL students are about getting involved in the community."

To find out more about volunteering opportunities at UCL, visit the UCL Volunteering website below.



  • Student volunteers (Courtesy of Polina Tishina)