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UCL 2034: The next 20 years

6 March 2014

A new draft strategy for UCL has been launched today.

UCL: the next 20 years UCL 2034, which is available to view at a dedicated website www.ucl.ac.uk/ucl-2034, sets out the principles for the development of London's Global University as an institution that delivers an integrated approach to education, research and innovation.

Staff are encouraged to read the strategy and provide thoughts on the planned direction of the institution over the next 20 years.

The draft strategy sets out an updated vision and mission for UCL, and describes key themes, objectives and enablers to deliver these. It builds on the UCL Council White Paper from 2011, and is condensed into a more accessible format, emphasising the following key elements:

  • how to take forward our outstanding performance over the next 20-30 years
  • increased commitment to the student experience at UCL and the relationship between our research excellence and student education
  • UCL's role in London and an ambition to see London become the premier destination for higher education, research and innovation in the world
  • a clear and sustainable international strategy that fits with the ethos of UCL and delivers impact by helping to solve global problems
  • a greater sense of partnership and the creation of a lifelong community - involving prospective and current students, staff, alumni and members of the local community - to support UCL to achieve its ambitions.

UCL President & Provost, Professor Michael Arthur, explained: "Developing a fresh strategy for UCL has been one of my key priorities in my first few months, and - thanks to the input from the senior team and Council - I am pleased with how it is shaping up. I now want to open up the debate across the UCL community about our direction over the next 20 years.

"While much shorter than the previous White Paper, it builds on that excellent document, particularly in terms of its time frame of 20 years, our role in London, our emphasis on the integration of research and education, and our approach to internationalism and to working in partnership. It also strongly reflects our history, values, and radical and critical approach."

Explaining the increased commitment to the student experience at UCL, Professor Arthur continued: "We want to create an experience for our students that uses and builds on our intellectual firepower, our breadth of learning opportunities and the fact that we're in a global city. We want to ensure that this enhanced experience becomes part of their inspirational journey."

To view and comment on the draft strategy and find out more about engagement events, please visit the UCL 2034 website.