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Participants needed for study on ageing and inflammatory responses

13 March 2014

Are you interested in helping with scientific research to further our understanding of the immune system and its role in ageing?  We are recruiting both male and female participants to study the way inflammation contributes to common health issues observed in the elderly.

Study on ageing and inflammatory responses

For this study, we need two groups of non-smoking volunteers: 

1) Healthy young volunteers, aged 18-50.

2) Healthy elderly volunteers, aged 70 and over.

The study will require attendance at the Rayne Building, UCL on three occasions. In each session, participants will receive an innocuous forearm blister. 

Analysing these marks will help our understanding of the inflammatory response in the elderly and to improve treatment for inflammatory diseases. 

The studies are being carried out by researchers in the Centre for Clinical Pharmacology, UCL. Participants will be compensated £50 for their time and travel expenses.

This study has been approved by UCL Research Ethics Committee (Project ID 2907/002). Any data you provide in this study will remain confidential, in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. 

If you would like to participate or wish to know more about the study, please contact Roel De Maeyer by email or on 078 0317 1376. You can also email Professor Derek Gilroy.

Roel De Maeyer, Phd student, UCL Centre for Clinical Pharmacology