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Delivering Desktop@UCL applications for teaching in 2014 - 15

18 March 2014

Information Services Division need to know now if you have a requirement for additional software to be installed on the student desktop computers ready for teaching during any of the sessions of 2014 - 15.


Desktop@UCL has been installed on all Learning and Teaching Spaces  computers and there is a current list of available applications with version information here:


Information Services Division has over 1800 computers which run Desktop@UCL. In order to deliver applications to all of these machines in time for teaching we need to understand clearly what is required to be able to create the correct package and deploy it successfully. The more time we have to do this the greater the potential of a successful delivery and a good experience.

The deadline for receipt of bids is Thursday 1 May 2014

Bids submitted after this date may not leave adequate time for technical evaluation to take place before the beginning of next session. Therefore you cannot expect software requested after the 1 May  to made available for the next teaching year 2014/15.

Information Services Division