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Pay award 2014-2015

23 July 2014

Summary negotiations for 2014-15 On behalf of Universities which participate in national pay bargaining, including UCL, the UCEA (Universities & Colleges Employers Association) made a full and final offer on pay and pay-related equality matters of: 2% on all pay points from 1 August 2014.

  • Point 1 of the New JNCHES pay spine would also be increased by an additional £30, which would bring point 1 to the current rate of the Living Wage (£7.65) in those HEIs that have a 35-hour week. (UCL scales currently start at point 3 of the JNCHES scale)
  • A piece of joint work to explore HEIs' practices across the sector on the use of the bottom pay points, different weekly hours and the actual hourly equivalent rates of pay. This would enable both sides to assess the use and usefulness of, in particular, point 1 on the 51 point pay spine to inform discussions in 2015-16.
  • Joint work on the gender pay gap in HE.
  • Joint work on hourly-paid and casual staff in HE.
  • The full and final offer was made on the following understandings:

    • that it would settle the pay negotiations for 2014-15;
    • that it would draw a line under the 2013-14 negotiating round and dispute; and
    • that a requirement is that the trade unions respond to the offer before the  commencement of any further industrial action.

    The trade unions each consulted their members on the offer. All five trade unions accepted the final offer, which concluded the pay round for 2014-15 and also drew a line under the dispute for 2013-14 and any industrial action arising from that dispute.

    Nigel Waugh, Director of Human Resources