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Take part in Equality Challenge Unit and University of Southampton academic retention survey

15 January 2014

Equality Challenge Unit and University of Southampton are conducting a study exploring the factors that influence UK/British academics moving overseas to pursue their careers, and they are currently running a survey as part of the study.

Previous research has indicated that differences in the structures, cultures and processes in higher education in different countries may encourage some individuals to move overseas and they are hoping to establish what can be done to retain academics in the UK.

The survey is open until Friday 28 February to all academics with British nationality or citizenship (both currently in the UK and overseas) and can be accessed through this link: www.isurvey.soton.ac.uk/9599

Please also forward the survey on to other UK academic colleagues currently working in higher education either in the UK or overseas.

Using the results of the survey, their project aims to:

  • understand to what extent UK/British academics consider moving to work in higher education (HE) overseas and determine if there is a difference by ethnicity
  • understand the reasons (both push and pull factors) which contribute to their actual or potential migration to overseas higher education institutions (HEIs) and whether these factors vary by ethnicity
  • establish what UK HEIs can do to retain minority ethnic academics, and attract back those who have left

Please do not hesitate to contact Dr Kalwant Bhopal, Principal Investigator at University of Southampton if you have any questions.