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Seven questions with... Mérina Corpinot

5 December 2014

This week we put seven questions to Mérina Corpinot, PhD student, Chemistry.

Merina Corpinot

Why did you choose UCL?

I chose UCL because it is a good university based in London with a well-qualified scientific environment. Moreover, it was important for me to be in an English speaking country so that I could develop my communication skills in English and my scientific knowledge simultaneously.

What is the most interesting thing you've done, seen or got involved with while at UCL?

I really enjoyed my research project last year, which looked at cocrystals. Thus, I loved the challenge of investigating a novel area of research. I am doing my PhD in this area and it brings me a lot of pleasure - and work.

Where is your favourite place on campus?

I love the Christopher Ingold (Chemistry) building because I love the work I get to do there.

Give us your top three things to do/see/go to in London:

I enjoy going to Hyde Park Corner, where I go and relax in the park with my friends and share our experiences as students or workers in London.

I also love going to Oxford Circus because it reminds me a little bit of Paris, especially when the Christmas lights are on. Also, it's amazing to see the flow of people in the street.

Every time someone comes to visit me I take them to the London Eye because it is definitely one of the highlights when visiting London.

If you were to switch departments or courses at UCL, what would you study instead and why?

If I had to switch, I would have moved into pharmacy, which is an area I am really passionate about. More specifically, I would have switched to the pharmacognosy domain, which is an area of real interest for me in the sense that you are close to the power of nature.

Who would be your dream dinner guests?

My dream dinner guests would be all the successful leaders in the world who strive to improve people's lives in one way or another. Sometimes, simple action can have big consequences. For example, I really enjoyed watching a talk by Mellody Hobson that really inspired me.

What would it surprise people to know about you?

People would be surprised to know that I was part of a dance group two years ago in Switzerland during my free time.