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REF2014: UCL strength in biomedicine reflected in largest share of 4* research

18 December 2014

UCL has achieved the greatest amount of 4* (world leading) research in Panel A, covering medicine and biological sciences, much of which is conducted in collaboration with our partner hospitals.


Panel A Research

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SLMS Quality Profile

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The quality of our research was matched by a highly inclusive submission (UCL submitted c.33% more staff than to RAE2008) reflecting our role as a truly research-intensive university, where a supportive environment empowers members of our research community to live up to their potential as world-leading researchers. 

SLMS Power Rankings by Unit of Assessment

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SLMS increased its grade point average in all the units of assessment for which we submitted. We continue to be identified as the UK's strongest medical research grouping and an average of 78% of our research was graded as internationally excellent (3*) or world-leading (4*)