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£40,000 available from IOE/UCL New Grant Development Fund

12 August 2014

Proposals are invited for the IOE/UCL New Grant Development Fund.

Students at UCL

The Fund is intended to facilitate applications for significant external funding for research collaboration between the IOE and UCL. Proposals are welcome in any field but particularly those that have already received funding from either the Strategic Partnership Fund or the Ideas Incubator Fund.

Requirements for the funding

The project proposal should:

  • be jointly submitted by IOE and UCL academic staff
  • promote genuine collaboration between the two institutions
  • provide the basis for an application for significant external funding.

The criteria to assess the applications will be:

  •  the strength and track record of the research team
  • a well-developed rationale and methodology
  • a clear project plan
  • evidence of impact.

Submissions must:

  • outline clear plans, including a management plan and a budget which can cover staff time and other direct project costs
  • indicate academic outcomes including achievable progress in research development
  • identify funders
  • set out the ways in which collaboration will secure academic impact for both IOE and UCL.

Proposals should be made on the application form and be no more than four pages in length.  Applications should also include two page CVs for the institutional leads.  

Size of bids

A total of £40,000 is available. 

The maximum amount for any individual bid to the Strategic Partnership Research fund will normally be £30,000, with a minimum of £2,000.

The fund is intended to cover staff time and direct costs only.

Nature of activity

The money will support activity to facilitate an application for significant external funding. The fund will support the activity which will enable this. 

Examples include preliminary work to develop a grant proposal, a systematic review, funding for a research assistant or fellowship, data analysis or a series of meetings. This list is not exhaustive and all appropriate activity will be considered provided it is supported by a strong rationale and project plan.

Assessment of bids

Professor Graham Hart (UCL) and Professor Andrew Tolmie (IoE) will review the applications and allocate the funds.

Submission and deadline

The deadline for submissions is 30 September 2014.  Allocations will be announced by mid-October.

An application form can be downloaded here.